Very Fast Food: The Best of Convenience Store Snacks

Once in a while, you may find yourself standing in stretching lines at McDonald’s or KFC, wondering, “how can they call this fast food?” In an age when fast is

You Could Be Their Next Victim

Everyone wants to be rich, but not all are ready to put in the work to achieve prosperity. To help the less ambitious fill their wallets, pyramid, multi-level marketing and

Shenzhen Now Rocks 

Conjoined with the nationally-famous Mission Hills Country Club in Shenzhen (also an incredible location for pro and amateur golfers, alike), is the now few months old Hard Rock Hotel and

New GZ Airport Coming Soon

The second Guangzhou airport named Guangzhou Zhengguo International Airport is planned to be built in Zhengguo, Zencheng, northeast of Guangzhou in the next few years. Ironically, it appears to be

First DG Cured Meat Festival

Dongguan is famous for its cured meat’s craftsmanship. In order to spread the cured meat culture, the First Dongguan Cured Meat (CM) Festival will run from November 8, 2017 to

The New Face of Daojiao

In the future, zong zi might not be the only thing people talk about when thinking of Daojiao. The ART+MANUFACTURE Exhibition opened on November 18 at XI Contemporary Art Center

King Mall Is Coming

The first-ever Dongguan shopping mall with a forest theme will merge globalism, fashion, art and nature as one. The commercial design fuses green and ecological architectural concepts. After a long

An Unprecedented DG Marathon

November 26, 2017 was a heart-stirring day for marathon enthusiasts because the 16th Asian Marathon Championships & Dongguan International Marathon 2017 were held. As a national marathon, 40 professional athletes

Dragons and Chili Heaven

The Chili Cook-Off is one of the key fundraisers in Dongguan, raising money for the community’s only baseball program: Dongguan Dragons Kids Baseball Club, where children can learn baseball for

Fight Night Lands in SZ

What happens when boxing meets charity? White Collar Fight Night offers a chance for professionals to dress-up and donate to charities. Within two months after the great success of the