King Mall Is Coming

Kingmall is comingThe first-ever Dongguan shopping mall with a forest theme will merge globalism, fashion, art and nature as one. The commercial design fuses green and ecological architectural concepts. After a long preparation, King Mall is finally going to take off its mysterious mask before the public on December 24.

King Mall will call floors one to five home in one of Dongguan’s tallest buildings: Global Economic and Trade Center (TBA Tower). However, this is not the only advantage. The mall is also steps from the future crossing of metro lines R1 and R2. What’s more, there are two metro entrances at the entrances of King Mall.

Besides convenience, King Mall also brings international, high-end luxury goods, global, independent designer buyer shops, exotic food and more.

Huang Yiyu, general manager of King Mall, voiced an emphatic “Yes!” after being asked if their mall will become the top mall in Dongguan in three years. They look to be on the right track.

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