King Mall Grand Opening

On December 24, King Mall, the new shopping center situatedat the bottom of the tallest buiding in Dongguan, held its grand opening with athree-day Christmas event. On the first day of opening, traditional liondancers maneuvered through the mall, store to store, to give the new business aproper beginning for a successful future. From the western side, a Santa crawlwith 100 kids in Santa costumes did the same thing whilst the crowd smiled andcaptured photos.

On the first floor, carnival side show games were in operation by the PartyHERE events team, whilst hundreds of children accompanied by adults were playing andwinning prizes. This took place over the course of three days (to be continuedon the 30th-31st), as well as a great selection of shows which were performedon the main stage area throughout the opening.

The official opening theme was Christmas World Tour. People arriving at the mallrecieved a passport with four pages for stamps. Inside the mall there were fourcity scenes where you could receive a visiting stamp. Once completed, giveawayswere awarded. Many people participated in this fun little game while browsingand exploring the new shopping plaza.

Moving up to the second floor, a beautiful setup of Santa’s house and aChristmas charity store were in place. Hundreds of Christmas dolls were sold to people who just couldn’t resist the cuteness. As a matter of fact, it was oneof the most popular stores at the mall during the opening. Santa spent his days there enjoying talking to the kids and posing for photos. The money that was raised will indeed go a long way for the unfortunate ones during the winter.