An Unprecedented DG Marathon

the unprecedented dongguan marathon ever

November 26, 2017 was a heart-stirring day for marathon enthusiasts because the 16th Asian Marathon Championships & Dongguan International Marathon 2017 were held.

As a national marathon, 40 professional athletes from 18 Asian countries/regions and more than 30,000 amateurs took part in different kinds of races, including the full marathon, half marathon, mini marathon and happy run carnival. Runners came with family, friends, partners and even babies in strollers. Some ran with superhero costumes. At times, it felt more like a parade than a marathon, but what could be more creative?

The route was strategically planned to showcase varying Dongguan landmark buildings along the way. Thanks to the live broadcast on CCTV’s Sports Channel, the marathon also provided a valuable chance for Dongguan to flaunt its beauty.

“At first, I thought it’s okay if I can’t finish the whole run. I only came to accompany my friend since I am not a big fan of running. But while I am here with the huge number of different people, I was lit up and I told myself that I have to finish,” said Ling Liu, one of the attendees, “especially when I saw some people competing in wheelchairs.”

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