Tong Bat Lat

city fact_Nov 2017

Before starting to eat tong bat lat— glutinous rice boiled in hot syrup—some peanuts, sesame seeds, or sliced egg are usually added. Its Chinese name “tang bu shuai (sugar doesn’t dump),” literally means it’s too sticky to clean up. Due to this characteristic, residents of some towns in Dongguan use tong bat lat as a metaphor for successful matchmaking.

Unlike the past, where marriages were controlled by parents and matchmakers, Chinese today generally have the freedom to choose their spouses. Normally, matchmakers take opinions and help bond two families, based on their economic backgrounds, appearance, personalities and many other elements.

Once the matchmaker envisions a match in some towns like local Dongkeng, Chashan and Hengli, she brings the man to the woman’s house to visit her family. First impressions matter significantly. If the woman’s parents like the man, they will make a bowl of tong bat lat for him, which means the match works. Rejection is far less sweet with a simple bowl of tofu skin and a shredded egg. This all might mean better luck next time, but at least it’s packed with protein.

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