To the Warring States by Music

A band in DG science and technology museum use instructions from warring state period to perform every Saturdays
China’s Warring States Period was about 2,500 years from now, but a special band, which performs each Saturday at the Dongguan Science Museum, will bring you back through music.

The performers in the Warring States Period Band all dress in Hanfu (an ancient Chinese clothing) and have their niche instruments. The most eye-catching of all should be the replica of the Bianzhong (an ancient Chinese musical instrument consisting of a set of bronze bells) of Marquis Yi of Zeng. It’s 2/3 the size of the original and has 65 bells. In addition, there is also a Bianqing (a percussion instrument using a set of L-shaped flat stone-chimes, known as qing), Guqin (a plucked, seven-string instrument of the zither family), Xiao (a vertical, end-blown flute), Xun (a globular, vessel flute), Sheng (a mouth-blown, free-reed instrument consisting of vertical pipes) and more. Some are melodious, some strong, some gentle, but all are beautiful. Immersed in this sonic experience, you’ll surely feel transported back to the Warring States Period. The performers were former museum guides without any musical basis. In order to perfect their instruments, they all enrolled into professional training and have been
practicing for almost two years.

“We want to create a youth version of the Bianzhou team to let more children know more about Chinese traditional culture,” said one member, Zhou Pingping, while discussing future plans.

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