Pocket Accident Calculator

Traffic Accident Injury Calculation in Your Pocket
Recently, a “traffic accident injury calculator” was released by Dongguan authorities to ease the communication between the accident parties. Before waiting for police and insurance agents to arrive, both parties can now use the program to figure out payments.

The Dongguan traffic accident system was installed with the calculator, and can quickly figure out the amount needed for personal injury or death, assist parties in assessing loss, establish reasonable compensation expectations, help the parties to resolve disputes and reduce the probability of going into court proceedings.

There are three ways to use: first, search the mini-program “Dongguan Traffic Accident Injury Calculation” (东莞交通事故人伤计算器) in WeChat; second, visit the official WeChat account “Dongguan Second People’s Court” (东莞市第二人民法院) and click the menu bar “injury calculation” (人伤计算器); third, visit the official WeChat account “Dongguan Traffic Police” (东莞交警) and click the menu bar “information service project,” and find the program. Finally, the calculator will show you the result of the accident, the accident’s compulsory insurance medical expenses and the accident’s compulsory insurance death and injury expenses.

“It sounds so complicated to me. I will only call my insurance company and husband, let them be in charge of the rest,” said Mrs. Li, a mother who drives.

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