Look Out Below!

something different

You might have already heard about the scenic glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie (Hunan), but did you know Dongguan also has one of its own?

After planning and building for about half a year, the first Dongguan skywalk is open since Chinese National Day. Brave locals (and tourists, alike) can come take a stroll, with sweeping vistas and pumping hearts. Some may tremble the whole way through, others will calmly explore, but all should enjoy the experience.

Located at Guanyin Mountain, Zhangmutou, the passage runs about 300 meters in length. Raised roughly 40 meters over the ground, the thin road is built into the mountain with high-strength, bulletproof glass.

This is also the first skywalk that combines a slide and bridge together in Guangdong province. After finishing your walk, take the glass slide all the way to the ground. With a special mat, briefly imagine you’re deep in a natural version of Fast and the Furious. Or not. Either way, don’t miss this new attraction.