Guancheng’s Old House Lives On


In one year, DG3C has held various community events, including music workshops, cultural salons, artistic exhibitions and walking tours at the house, attracting people who have long moved out from Guancheng back to the old community. The biggest achievement—the first large-scale renovation—was completed in September thanks to donations topping 120,000 RMB. The collapsed attic was rebuilt, based on its original look, with elaborate hollow carvings on four sides of the bottom area. Four damaged ridge beams were replaced on the second floor and the main gate motto, written Shan Yu Tang (hall of do-good-get-good), was repainted by hand.

“The repair has been done, but the establishment has just begun. I hope people can understand and appreciate all the small details we created for the house,” said Yuan Yifeng, co-founder of DG3C.

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