Driving the Wrong Way

Retrograding cars
If you’ve noticed some cars traveling on the wrong side of the road these days, don’t worry, it’s normal. Sort of. A new law has been released that allows left-turning cars to temporarily use oncoming traffic lanes during rush hour.

At the cross of Hongfu and Yuanmei Roads, and Hongfu and Yuanmei-East in Nancheng, are new signal lamps and that guide drivers through using this new system. When the green light activates, drivers can turn left using the opposite side’s lanes and even wait in the special lane until the light changes. This means that there will now be three lanes that can turn left together. This is shouldn’t affect oncoming drivers because the lane is only “borrowed” and will be empty when the light is green for oncoming traffic.

“I passed by and saw a few cars running on the opposite side when I was off work. Most unbelievable was the traffic police standing there watching! Then I realized, it’s the police who are leading them to the opposite side,” said Vincent Wu, who works in Nancheng. “I think the promotion needs to be stronger, otherwise many drivers won’t know about it. Not to mention, even try it.”

Most drivers dare not try since they aren’t familiar with the new rule and police are attempting to forcibly educate drivers. Bear in mind: when there’s a red light or no light at all, DO NOT turn left or you will lose 6 points and receive a fine of 200 RMB.

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