Convenient to Thief, Briefly

Spy stealing valuable briefcase with secrets

A thief entered a house where a woman was sleeping without locking the door. The police later caught him and found he had committed 21 other crimes.

From Xiangxi Village, Liaobu, Mrs. Wang was awakened last month by the sound of a man stealing her smartphone and laptop. Police later found him and he confessed. At 5 am one morning, the thief was looking for a target and armed with scissors. He noticed an unlocked door, so he snuck in, finding a wallet, two handbags, a smartphone and a computer. He then fled and hid the items under a cab. Then, he went back to the house to look for more. However, this time, Mrs. Wang woke and notified police.

Remember to keep your personal items safe. Houses being built or under renovation are often kept unlocked and attract robbers. Be mindful of unfamiliar people in all black clothing and white gloves. Always call police as soon as you think any crime has been committed.

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