Honoring DG’s Oldest Volunteers

Dongguan's Oldest Volunteer Team
Imagining yourself at 90, what do you see? For some inspiration, look to this group of nonagenarians and other retirees that claim to be Dongguan’s oldest group of volunteers.

This team, coming from the Dajing community in Houjie, has roughly 30 members, with the youngest being 69 years and the oldest at 92. Leveraging their good health, they do much to help the physically disabled during rehabilitation, chatting with them and boosting morale. So far, the effort has rolled out to widespread success, as people are much more comfortable accepting help from those in a similar age.

“I am old and all I can do is tiny things. As long as I can bring others happiness, I am willing to do that. The biggest happiness for me is to help others,” said Grandma Cheng, the oldest of the group. The Dajing community—housing plenty of 90 year-olds and even a few over 100—takes great strides to provide a positive environment, which seems to boost residents’ health.

The team hopes to expand beyond Houjie, but needs help from others. Kindness is infectious—as long as they keep it up, others will surely join.

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