Fight for Charity in GZ

GUANGZHOU First Guangzhou White Collar Charity Fight Night

The ultra-popular White Collar Fight Night pulls office workers—trained in the art of boxing—into rings all over the world, year after year. Now, Guangzhou is finally set to see the show up close for the first time.

The appeal of the WCFNs is that people get dressed up, enjoy a show in good fun and then donate all the proceeds to charity. In this case, it’s for GIVES charity, based in Guangzhou, as well.

“White collar boxing the world over is all about charity. That’s how it got started. Getting regular businessmen and women into the ring is only possible if they’re fighting for a cause,” said organizer John Graham, who has already hosted plenty of these events and expects even more in the future.

Looking ahead to the main event on October 21, John mentioned a few of the big fights among the eight rounds:

“A good fight will be Andrei “The Count” vs Trev “The Muscle” Russel. The “Crusher” vs the “Smasher” will be good, too!” he added. Hop over to Guangzhou this October for a wild performance—just don’t forget your bowtie and glamorous threads.

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