Brown Sugar Jar Rises Again

Brown Sugar Jar Rise From the Ashes

To make pottery, an object must first be cooked by raging fire. Since Brown Sugar Jar was accidentally burned last spring, much has been done to bring the space back better than ever. After completing repairs, the new BSJ will be re-opened at the end of October. Though everything will be different this time around.

Before, live music was the most important element for BSJ. In the future, it will be even more so, but the new Jar also brings a bit of new, too, like tea offerings and more art events. There will also be a tattoo workshop and an American-style barber. If you are a music fan, the new recording studio and the drum training classroom will fit you just fine. No matter what you like, you’re sure to find something attractive here. Essentially, BSJ is poised to become DG’s go-to community space.

“I hope the new Brown Sugar Jar can be more ferocious and stronger in the future. We want fresher live music and art events. We would like our place to be everyone’s art living room, fully opened for all,” said Neo Niu, owner of BSJ. “We are planning more interactive events and we want more local groups to join in and feel free over here.”

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