Bass, Beats, Melody: Gangster Bar

Imagine a club-slash-bar-slash-underground haven. Then, picture being there. Then, imagine it’s here, it’s now and it’s in Batou at your friendly neighbourhood: Loft 8. And a river runs through it. Yes, crank up the bass, pump those beats out loud and get that Didi to bring you here. If house, drum & bass and dark core is your genre of choice, you will absolutely love it here.

Loft 8 takes matters to the next level with the inclusion of Gangster Bar. Surrounded by restaurants, coffee shops and bars in all shapes and sizes, Gangster Bar stands out with its warehouse-feel, Optimus Prime-style wall and ceiling design, lights, colors and hip-hop-centric staff.

You initially walk inside feeling like you’re about to do something wrong, creeping down a darkened alleyway that leads to the doorman’s desk at the main entrance. Once inside, the dance floor and DJ’s altar immediately grabs you and makes you want to get down and shake it.

The music here is really what it’s all about; Techno, Psytrance, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Bass… everything and more, every evening. Talk to Leevo, the resident DJ, and you’ll see. The man has a great history of DJ’ing from Turkey to China—particularly in Shenzhen’s club scene—and recently brought his talent to Gangster. Come weekends, you’ll find local and international DJ’s sharing the stage, too. Recently BBDeng graced the club and on October 20, MIIIA will play, as well.

The bar counter itself has everything. And I do mean e-ve-ry-thing! From your favorite beers (local or international) to cocktails, spirits and other what-have-you’s. Name it, they got it. Prices are normal, too, so you won’t find your salary deceptively drained amid all the awesomeness. Ladies, Wednesday nights are yours—yes, come get your freebees.

Whenever all the laser lights and booming audio get to be too much, or you simply tire out from dancing to all the incredible music, feel free to go outside. Gangster Bar also features a chill out area right next to the river. It’s perfect! Low deck chairs, tables and a random sofa, together with the view of the water, makes it the best place to pull yourself together, gather your wits for the rest of the night out, and go back inside to keep partying.

I dig this place. It is unique in that it offers something more than the norm. It is an energy, a vibe, a florescent journey amid futuristic beats and bass, a space-age party in a Transformer and an all-round good-time pleasure. Go. Do it. And pump up the volume.

ADDRESS: No. 104-106, Building 27, Loft 8 Creative Park, Guangcheng

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