Hotel Controversy Finally Ends

Dongguan Hotel Tycoon Was Life Imprisonment
After more than two years of waiting, a sentence of life imprisonment finally came to Liang Yaohui, a big name in the local hotel industry. Dongguan Intermediate People’s Court sentenced him based on organized prostitution, colluding to take contracts and bids, and bribery. He is now deprived of political rights and loses all personal property.

Liang was once called “crown prince Hui (太子辉 – tai zi hui)” by many. His vast ownership of a five-star hotel and many other entities at one time made him a very rich—and powerful—man.

On February 9, 2014, CCTV exposed that the Sauna Center in Liang’s Crown Prince Hotel Dongguan was also organizing prostitution. It was reported to be something of a sex hub and on April 14, Liang was arrested in connection to these allegations.

Shockingly, the public prosecution said that the hotel’s Sauna Center alone earned 489,000,000 RMB in 2013. Liang and et al were responsible for organizing hundreds of thousands of prostitution acts, with some cases involving minors.

“It’s too sensitive to talk about it and all we can do is to run our hotel law-abidingly,” said one manager of a popular hotel in Dongguan.

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