A Walk on the Wild Side: For True Hikers

Silver Bottle Mountain3

According to Dongguan’s Forestry Bureau, Yinping Mountain contains the highest negative ions in the city, as well as, dozens of nationally protection animals. Straddling three towns (Xiegang, Zhangmutou and Qingxi), the park has much to offer, but most go for the views at the mountain’s 898 meter peak.

Expect a hike to the summit (Xiegang side) to take more than four hours, but if you love the outdoors, it’ll be pure pleasure. If you need to shorten the journey, grab a 10-minute electric cart that will take you from the first to the second parking lot for 8 RMB. A walk from the second parking lot to the peak will take one to two hours. The trail is well-paved, but it’s a steep and continuous incline.

As you exit the woods to join the single trail towards the peak, the trek becomes easier, as you can see the goal that towers before you. Summer and autumn months offer the best views.

Silver Bottle Mountain3

On the Qingxi side of the park (also called Qingxi Forest Park), Dongguan’s tallest waterfall (Huangmaotian Waterfall) floods the gorge 310 meters below. Compared to the crowded Xiegang side, Qingxi is more tranquil and primitive. Every March, a flower hiking festival is held to appreciate the bunches of green and purple mucuna flowers.

Silver Bottle MountainYinping (Silver Bottle) Mountain Forest Park
Location: Xiegang, Qingxi, Zhangmutou
Opened: 2007
Hours: 6:30-18:00
Admission: Free
Phone: 769 8211 6868
Public Transportation: Qingxi Senlin Gongyuan
(清溪森林公园) bus stop on lines Qingxi
10 and 23; Yinpingshan lukou
(银瓶山路口) bus stop on
Xiegang 2.

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