Tigers & the Real Taekwondo

Tigers Show the Real Taekwondo

Two world-champion taekwondo masters and members from KOREAN TIGERS Taekwondo Performing Team arrived in Dongguan for the first time to share a bit of taekwondo culture.

The TIGERS team is one of the most successful in Korea, thanks to their superior skills. In DG, they gave a stirring Taekwondo performance at the International School of Dongguan’s basketball gym on August 13. Amateurs of various ages could be seen at the scene.

“We feel a lot of passion from the audience in Dongguan. However, many of Dongguan’s taekwondo dojos haven’t reached a certain level,” said Shijin Go, current director of the International Taekwondo Coach Training Headquarters. “We come here to share and hope in the future there will be Olympic taekwondo winners from Southern China since now most are from Northern China.”

“Our goal is to hold this kind of event once or twice a year in the future, trying to normalize it at first since some of the taekwondo training centers are not really stable. In the future, we might also cooperate with the government to add other sports.” said Charlie Lee, the main event organizer.

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