Self-Service Enters Hospitals

Self-Service Machine In Hospital

Dongguan People’s Hospital launched a new self-service machine, which provides the distribution of medical cards, registration, payment, inquiries and so on, to reduce the burden of queuing and decrease patients’ waiting time.

“Sounds convenient. I would like to have a try,” said by a 44 year-old Chinese woman, “However, if I want to check whether the doctor I’m familiar with is on duty, the machine can’t answer me. I still need to confirm from the window.”

Before, patients needed to queue at least two or three times for registration and payment. Now, without any additional assistance, patients can complete their registration in only two minutes. For the payment, WeChat and UnionPay are available. However, social security card payers will still need to wait in line at a separate cashier.

Even better, patients no longer need to prepare their medical records. Instead, they only need to insert their ID card and let the machine do the rest.

Other hospitals in Dongguan are now planning to implement similar technologies and will probably see a wider rollout over the next couple of years.

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