Saline Rising

This month brings us some top-notch action from the keys of Alix Robinson. With guns, car chases and Russians, honestly, what more could you want? Are you not entertained?

The agents in the silver saloon hurried after their quarry, the slow flow of traffic hampering their progress in the sleet. Dina figured they had been made when the sedan began erratically undertaking ahead of them.

After several turns through the winding Cambridge streets, they veered onto a highway. The black car in front cut across into the fast lane, narrowly missing a honking truck before taking their speed up to a hundred and ten. Pressing after them, Dina tailgated her target as Androus spoke to his wrist.

“Confirm, you are currently in pursuit of both targets?” the strained, New York accent barked.
“Affirmative, we are presently westbound on the A14 bypass approaching junction thirty two. We surmise the targets are headed for target two’s home address.”
“Finally, some positive news. I want them immobilised and detained alive for questioning, is that clear?”
“Crystal, Sir, Androus out.”

The rain was getting worse.

“The Russian will not talk easily, we need a plan,” Dina proposed.
“Don’t worry, I have something in mind,” droned the grinning African.

Dina continued after the two men as they came off the motorway onto Bridge Road and cornered them into a narrow, hedged lane. Small stones were rattling inside the car’s wheel arches and the wipers were furiously flicking as the rain intensified. The country road’s condition worsened and Dina found herself fighting against the steering to keep pace with the sedan.

After a few more twists, the car in front slammed into a gate, tearing it from its hinges and slowing it somewhat. The lane now opened up into a wide expanse of grass.

Dina got just close enough to attempt a pursuit immobilisation technique and shunted the rear left wing of the sedan. After her car made contact, the other vehicle snaked from side to side, trying to regain control until it spun around to face them. Leaning from his window, Androus reeled off a shot that passed straight through the windscreen into Sergei’s shoulder. The Russian plunged the gearstick downward and performed a reverse flick manoeuvre, ordering Jack to sit on top of him and drive, before passing out.

He got out and cast his gaze over the comatose Russian, wondering how he was going to move his hefty frame. He ran to the garage beside the house and came back with a wheel barrow.

Jack awkwardly climbed into the seat and spun off. Against his strange new cushion, Jack attempted to steer the stricken sedan back to the country lane. With the wheels slipping in the thick sludge, the meandering chase slowed to a virtual crawl until the cars made it back to the gravel-coated road.

When the pursuit had begun, Sergei had told Jack they were heading back to his mother’s house where they would hole up to buy themselves some time. In reality, the Russian was out of options, but with nowhere to run, he figured at least if they had some form of shelter for a standoff it would be better than nothing.

Jack was now mentally and physically fatigued, but still refused to give up as he bumped and bounced his way nearer to Clay Close Lane.

Desperately, he hurtled down Burgoyne’s road, weaving through the oncoming traffic and parked cars. As the road became more congested, he mounted the pavement causing pedestrians to jump out of his path. He continued around a long bend off the road and noticed a woman with a pushchair at the last moment. He pulled down hard on the wheel narrowly missing her, but clipped an oncoming car causing both their vehicles to spin out of control.

The silver saloon came screaming around the corner only to slam into side of the car Jack had just collided with. The smash shook Jack from his daze; he dropped the gearstick back into first gear and the slipping fan belt squealed as the sedan motored away from the chaos.

Pulling onto his mother’s driveway, he felt his body trembling. He got out and cast his gaze over the comatose Russian, wondering how he was going to move his hefty frame. He ran to the garage beside the house and came back with a wheel barrow.

Hauling the lump of a man into it, he carted him towards the front door. As he tipped the limp mass into his hallway, he heard a hollow whistle and felt a burning sensation in the rear of his calf. Turning, he collapsed as he saw the ebony face staring back from the roadside.

(Curated by Michael Kelly)


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