Put That Cigarette out or Leave

Smoking is proven to kill. For some, the decline is slower than others, but what about those people who don’t have a choice? We shouldn’t only be concerned with ourselves.

Chinese Internet Blues

With news that VPNs and similar services are set to be banned, there’s more reason than ever to maximize Facebook. Will it ever happen? Maybe it already is. Last month,

China’s Single Time Zone

Upon the creation of the PRC, leaders sought to publicize the singular identity with a single time zone for the whole of massive China. Why? Holding a territory as large

Differentiation in ESL Classes

If you’ve got a great class, but a few students constantly struggle to keep up, try these techniques to keep things running smoothly. We’ve all been there. Whether at a

In search of quiet

Work hard, play hard, that’s that motto. We’re tired of getting drunk as fast as possible and then  slurring a night away. Lulu knows better. My writing has been everywhere.

Why Ford Chose China over Mexico

The recent decision to move Focus production to China over Mexico may come off as threatening to the American economy, but progress demands pragmatism. Are American companies desperate or just

A Chef Who Doesn’t Like Sweets

Sick of the mundane, one local chef leveraged his love for cooking and brought Dongguan a variety of desserts they never thought possible. Cross the hulking, orange bridge in Wanjiang

Family Weekend at Langham Place GZ

The Langham Place in Guangzhou—walking distance from Canton Tower—is back this summer with an inviting family stay promotion. The reasonably priced package includes family activities such as pottery, tea and


  AUGUST 1-31 REGAL PALACE RESORT (HUIZHOU) SEASONIC COFFEE SHOP The German Gourmet and Beer Festival German beer/food/band. HYATT REGENCY DONGGUAN TEPPANROOM Bluefin Tuna Come and experience the subtle flavor

Dg’s First Picture Book Library

The first picture book library opened on the second floor of Wanjiang Library on July 22. Rebuilt from the teenager’s reading room, the space covers an area of about 146