Musical Cultural Exchange Tour

DG Builds Bridges With a Cultural Exchange Tour

The Cultural Exchange tour of the Sino-Canadian Youth Orchestra was held at the Star Theater in the Dongguan Culture Center on July 25.

The North American Chinese Orchestra and Dongguan local art troupe came together to perform for local fans. The Canadian-based orchestra was led by famous lute player He Xiaomei and consisted of more than 20 Chinese musicians.

The Sino-Canadian Cultural Exchange Tour is part of the “Root-Seeking Summer Camp” for overseas Chinese adolescents. Held by the Dongguan Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau for nearly 20 years, the camp has invited more than 1,000 overseas Chinese youth in its history.

An official from the Dongguan City Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau said they would like to take this opportunity to deepen overseas community’s understanding of Chinese culture and strengthen the integration of foreign culture into Dongguan.

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