Beware In Front The Zebra Crossing

Walkers rejoice! From now on, any driver who doesn’t give right of way to pedestrians in crosswalks will be fined 200 RMB and given three traffic points.

The Dongguan Traffic Police have started the special modification in order to ensure safety when crossing roads. On July 15, they investigated and dealt with 367 traffic violations. They also distributed more than 12,000 promotional flyers to civilians. In order to expand the influence of the new regulation and push more drivers to follow the law, the publicity department of traffic police cooperated with the Liaobu team to live stream the process over about 45 minutes. It had already accumulated 880,000 clicks by July 18.

“[The fine] should be 500 RMB,” said Sean, a foreigner living in Dongguan for two years. “They need to punish bad driving and teach people how to drive, even using a defensive driving course.”

Traffic police will continuously check at main crossings in Dongguan on the 5, 15 and 25 dates each month. Let’s hope drivers will learn to respect walkers ASAP.

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