China Aims For America

Chinese To Take Over American1

On July 3, a day before America’s Independence Day, some top 500 companies in Shenzhen received red envelopes entitled: “Are you ready to take over America?” What’s more, inside were some US dollars that had Chinese emperors’ portraits on them.

What’s going on?

In fact, this is a marketing stunt conceived by ITTIZ and Global From Asia.

“One of the reasons we ran this campaign was to showcase the creative abilities currently available in Shenzhen. A lot of the time, there is a large focus on hardware, while the creatives are left out in the cold. We wanted to show that Shenzhen is not only a place for hardware innovation, but for innovation on all fronts, such as, in our case, marketing, branding, and design,” said Sean Davis, CEO of ITTIZ.

Some companies were also invited to give feedback. Enzo Wang, CEO of Jinzhuoheng Electronics instantly thought it will probably offend some foreigners, however he mainly saw the comedic aspect of the ad. Q. Shah, CEO of ATOM said this truly made him realize how quickly the world is changing.

“We are doing it to build awareness on China growing.” said Mike Michelini, CEO of Global From Asia, who has lived in Shenzhen for over a decade.

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