Batou Goes global: Enjoy Bar, Xiaba Fang (Batou)

bar review_Aug 2017

Batou, or Xiaba Fang, has got to be the most fun, versatile and mysterious playground in Dongguan, for no matter where one goes here, one stands in awe of the creativity, ingenuity and set up. Immediately following arrival, it might feel like one has escaped into another realm of sorts.

Each bar and restaurant has something special to offer here—whether one wants to go out with a group of friends or take a significant other out on a date. The vibe is Never-Never Land, Westeros, Middle Earth, ancient and modern China and a dash of He-man’s Eternia all wrapped into one. Then, mixed with Austin Powers’ lounge, Sam and Dean Winchester’s car and a Miami beach. It’s dynamic.

I felt my inner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jump for joy (and doing back flips) when I saw the litchi-burning pizza oven in what definitely is the most diverse restaurant and bar in this place. When I finally got my pizza (yes, you can get half-half of any pizza on the menu), I was definitely not disappointed. I wish I had a bigger stomach, though, because the menu sports a wide variety of foods: steak, burgers, soup, salads, as well as, all manner of Chinese food. Prices are good and fair.

The drink front is even more intriguing. Outdoors, there’s a stage with a band playing typical Batou music. However, stepping inside reveals what they call a Japanese-style bar. Auburn lighting provides warmth and the service at the bar pushes the feeling even further. With a menu full of classic cocktails, beer, wine and spirits available, you’re sure to be sated. They didn’t just serve drinks, they made them. Attention to detail meant the drinks came in decorative cups exclusive to each given beverage.

Enjoy Bar snakes upward like an escalator across five floors, with each level introducing a new look and feel different than the previous. The boss has travelled across the world—my friends and I were told—and this is his way to show his love and appreciation for the different cultures he has come across during his journeys.

On the ground floor, next to the pizza oven, is the Japanese bar. Next to it, rooms showcase Italy and old China. On the next floor, one’s inner Dutchman comes out on the deck and adjacent room. On the next floor, America, England and Spain come to mind. On the next, one gets a mixed impression of France and Australia. At the top, I wasn’t quite sure, but to me it felt a little like an Ibiza Café Del Mar type of vibe, complete with serene views. In the distance, we could see lightning on one side, and stars on the other.

Address: Building No. 5 & 7, Xiaba Fang (Batou) – close to the east entrance
下坝坊5 & 17号,私享汇餐吧(靠近东门)

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