A Modern Steakhouse: Reform Angus steak & wine bar


Just a few steps beyond Dynacity Mall (i.e. uncharted Dongcheng), awaits a lively new eatery. Walking in, you might need a double take as you glance around the walls filled with modern art and enthusiasm. Colors abound, this isn’t your grandfather’s steakhouse. If you dine in on a weekend evening, you’ll be even treated to live guitarist, which we were assured is classy.

The place reminded me of the establishments back home. Attention to detail to make a place look nice, but also with a non-conformist attitude that demands to be the one and only. I felt excited to dine.

Reform Angus Steak & Wine Music Bar takes pride in the fact that they source all their beef (including burger meat) from a single farm in Australia of which the owner makes part owner. They don’t promise free range or anything trendy like that, but it does offer a tinge of confidence knowing that the restaurant’s supply chain is self-owned, so their quality control should be fairly tight.

Perusing the menu, plenty of pictures explain the part of the animal you’re about to eat and the various styles in which they can be cooked (note: they didn’t specifically ask us how we wanted our meat cooked. If you are particular, do clearly indicate medium-rare, rare, etc.). Nearly all the dishes tote their own photos, as well, so you can simplify the selection process if you lack the language.

The staff suggested that along with the typical drink options, they also feature some nice beers inclusive of the craft variety. We were brought Hoegaarden (not craft) and Jing-A (craft).

Four platters of dripping meat—sirloin, intercostal, short rib and chuck—were finally dropped off for our palatable pleasure.

To my taste, the sirloin and the short rib tipped the scales. The other two cuts (intercostal and chuck) had a bit too marbled of textures, missing that perfect hard/soft balance. Two of the steaks (intercostal and short rib) arrived cooked in a strange marinade that tasted a bit like paprika.

If you’re from the wild West and used to steaks from there, this won’t quite equate those textures and flavors. By no means was the meat disappointing, it was—simply put—different. Pricewise, everything we tried was on par with all the other places around slinging steaks, so if you’re a jagged-tooth carnival, this might just be your new spot.

Address: No. 105, Tian Jiao Yu Pin, Dongcheng