Saline Rising

This month brings us some top-notch action from the keys of Alix Robinson. With guns, car chases and Russians, honestly, what more could you want? Are you not entertained? The

A Bit of Grapes & Hops for August

Selected Wine: Louis Monfaisson AOC Bordeaux 2015 (Red) Gluggers and quaffers in Dongguan may have noticed a quiet renewal of the red wine vogue, which fell on China a decade ago.

Get Your Ticket to Ride

Too many times have we missed trains because of the eternal queues to buy tickets. What is taking so long?! Skip the lines and join the modern age with Dongguan’s


Cracking Down on Train Cheaters Fare dodgers and people caught smoking on trains in Guangdong Province could be banned from traveling by rail if they break rules more than twice.

Dongguan From the Underground

Despite the perks, there’s a lot going wrong in America. Painfully glaring is the racial segregation that stretches back hundreds of years, even predating the country itself. Depending on to

Dongguan From the Underground: Music to Your Ears

As a vehicle for the outpourings of the soul, music perhaps has no widespread equivalent. Whether it’s a guitar strum, vocal tones or melodic tapping on a desk, organized sound