This is the Bomb(ay): Brother’s indian cuisine & bar

restaurant reviewIf you live in Houjie, your average Friday evening may include a leisurely stroll, wondering what to eat. This past weekend, I found myself yearning for a curry and eventually stumbled upon Brothers Indian in Wanda Plaza (near Liaoxia metro stop; Exit A). Though it was around eight—typically prime time for any restaurant—scores of people were walking by without so much as a look. I had to question myself why was the restaurant empty, but I dove in nonetheless.

As I entered, my ears were enthusiastically bombarded with some authentic bhangra music. Good. Unfortunately, as time went by, I noticed it was just one song on a loop. I can still hear it now, word for word. Bad. Can you imagine working there all day?

I began with a beer (45 RMB), which seemed a little overpriced. My colleague had a soft drink (20 RMB). Drinks took some time to arrive, as staff had no clue about their beers. The place is new, so we’ll assume they’ll learn.

After our thirsts were quenched, we were ready to eat. A range of appetizers were on offer, including samosas, bhajis, pakoras and more. We decided to go for a tandoori (30-40 RMB for vegetables; 50-65 RMB for meat) and curry. After another fairly lengthy wait, tandoori aloo and potatoes stuffed with cheese were presented on a sizzling plate. The floating scents were incredible! The heavenly aromas were only topped by the actual spice-infused dances upon my tongue.

This ecstasy was followed by a chicken malai, which was a huge portion of lightly spiced meat, also cooked in the tandoor. The fresh chicken certainly wasn’t meant to have bits of chewy gristle in every bite, but the dish was flavorsome enough.

Finally, the curry arrived: a lamb masala. The smells were enticing, the presentation inviting and the taste was actually sensational! Chunky pieces of tender lamb in a thick, well-seasoned sauce delivered a “mouthgasm” with every bite. The freshly-made naan bread was crisp on the outside, with a fluffy center.

Regrettably, the last dish—a mixed vegetable curry—was a tasteless joke. It consisted of diced carrots, sweet corn and peas that were all virtually raw. We were confused as to why this was served and staff didn’t seem to understand. Let’s hope they figure this out soon.

Address: No.109, Building 4, Hou Hai Feng Qing Street, Houjie