Shared Umbrellas Appear in DG

Shared umbrellas appear in DGFrom this month, more and more rainbow-colored umbrellas are being found across fences on various roads. Has somebody left them here? No, they are actually shared
umbrellas, akin to the shared bikes. For a small fee, you can use one and put it back later for the next person.

The first step is to download the app by scanning the QR code, then register with a real name authentication. Finally, pay the deposit. You’ll pay 0.5 RMB for half an
hour, but the first use requires you to top up at least 9 RMB. Each umbrella has its own password, which also caused a similar problem as the shared bike: easily
hidden and held by selfish people. Also, the demand of the shared umbrella is lower than that of the shared bikes, so we’ll see how long they last.

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