DG’s Second Craft Beer Festival brought some delicious beers. Sadly, the Beer Olympics used Tiger. Why else would they be chugging? (Got a pic? Send it to editor@heredg.com and we’ll print

Kuaikuai Gym

Passing by, you might easily confuse the bar lined with coffee machines and desserts as a cafe. It’s not. Here, coffee gets you in the front door, while being guilted


Riding a Buffalo to School Addicted to the study of ancient Chinese philosophy, a father from Chengdu escorts his three-year-old son to kindergarten by riding a buffalo. The father and

Preparing for the Future

PLENTY of positions means EVEN MORE money and flexibility. continuing to evolve as a professional will ensure your skills are always in demand. This month, I write about where I

Not Just a Man’s World

Most of the world SEEMS to operate on the notion that women are secondary citizens to men. Will women follow these rules forever? One writer thinks NOT. Okay, so, recently

DG Being a First-Tier City

Dongguan was deemed to be on par TO China’s LARGEST urban centers and the internet WENT WILD. Whether or not you agree, there may be some logic to the madness.

The Boat CLAIMING South Sea

Shipwrecks are time capsules. Hidden beneath waves, they are suspended in silt and sand. Just down the coast from Dongguan ARE the remains of Nanhai One. The 1987 discovery of