Kuaikuai Gym

something different

Passing by, you might easily confuse the bar lined with coffee machines and desserts as a cafe. It’s not. Here, coffee gets you in the front door, while being guilted by seeing others getting fit in the back draws you deeper. In reality, Kuaikuai is mostly a gym that’s fitted with some intelligent devices to drop kilos.

Before you start sweating, a personal sport assessment report will be provided to you with information about body fat, water, BMI and basal metabolism. Your exercises will then be customized, based on your own data. While you are doing exercises, an armband will be given to you to monitor heart rate and other data. Check out your stats on the tablet upfront in between sets. The fitness trainer also checks this information to help adjust the intensity of the movements.

There is no heavy training equipment in this gym since they focus more on aerobic training and body shape rather than simply building muscles. A single fitness trainer will guide several people (up to 10 people) to help keep motivation strong in the group. After you’ve kicked ass together, go ahead and feel empowered to gulp a creamy cappuccino.

Address: : Shop105 & 106, Building 1, No.228 Jin Yu Hua Ting, Dongcheng Rd.