Hip Hop is forever

city pulseSome people might think hip hop culture is the same as hip hop dance, but they’d be wrong. Actually, hip hop culture more accurately includes dance, graffiti, rap, DJing, BMX and more.

From June 11 to 24, a passionate group of locals gathered together to produce a variety of hip hop events to increase local awareness about this unique sub-culture.

The dancers congregated to some public place like Huying Park to do a quick flash mob; graffiti artists from different cities filled the equivalent of a 500 sq m of wall space; BMX athletes showed off some tricks; Rappers battled and showed their beat skills. In all, the events showed the true colors of the trend and brought in many new fans to the fold. During these events, the CHUC (China Hip Hop Union Committee) was also founded.

“It’s a historical moment. A new start and a new challenge!” said Ben J, one of the event organizers and founder of dance school TNT. “We want to let people know about hip hop culture at a close distance. We plan to keep doing more of these things.”

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