Dentist to volunteer in africa

20161025_115249 2_1One local dentist is taking his skills all the way to Africa to assist those in dire poverty and help reduce pain, while boosting education. Hailing from Costa Rica, Dr. Zavel Mojica Pe?a came to China a few years back to travel the world and embrace a new culture. Now, after spending time here, he plans to leave China to return home and continue studying. But before that, he’ll head to Guinea-Bissau for a few months to lend a much-needed hand.

Before coming to China, Dr. Zavel already visited the camp where he will soon be returning on October 30. The experience then was so profound that he knew he would have to return someday.

In order to prepare as much financial resource as possible to donate, Dr. Zavel is now offering cleaning and whitening treatments ranging from 300-3000 RMB. After paying for supplies, all profits will be given to support the people at Casa Emanuel Hospital and Orphanage.

“I’m going to Guiné-Bissau in Western Africa to work as a volunteer dentist and oral surgeon. I was there before and will go to continue helping their population, orphans and as a long-term project in my life.”

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