A Modern Utopia? Utopia Stubborn Style


bar reviewI love exploring the town of Houjie—the further you go, the more shops, bars and restaurants (old and new) you seem to find. Just a 5-minute stroll from the Shan Mei metro station, near the town’s food/BBQ street, is the recently constructed Shopping Mall 66. Filled with familiar brand-named stores and stalls, one gem stood out.

Upon entering Utopia Stubborn Style, doors open to reveal a calm atmosphere. The relaxing music is perfect for deep talks or moments of contemplation. Expect a typical Chinese layout: a stage for live music, 2 floors of seating and an outside area.

A quick browse of the menu revealed a large range beers (20-40 RMB), spirits (30-50 RMB) and wines (bottles start at about 150 RMB). Shots will set you back 40 RMB up to a rather pricey 220 RMB, for that moment when you simply need to spend to impress.

Four pages of cocktails (40-60 RMB) include classics like tequila sunrise, screwdriver, Cuba libre and the interestingly renamed “sexy on the beach.” Hey, who said looking good isn’t better than the act? For me, the sexy on the beach was top notch! I also enjoyed their mojito. The presentation was on point and with just the right amount of mint for that refreshing summer taste.

All menus were in basic English, meaning only drink names. Go ahead and roll the dice for something new.

The bar also offers meals and snacks, which frankly speaking, were the disappointing side of this place. A portion of pale, barely cooked fries sat untouched for the duration of our stay, but I do suppose they were very well presented! To be fair, the limited range of meals being served to other tables looked good and the later emptied plates seemed to confirm that they were decent enough.

Reasonably priced cigars were also on hand. Though, I am no cigar expert, I was told they were fine by other customers. If one fancies an evening of cigars and whiskey, plush, leather Winchester-style chairs upstairs should offer a delightful experience.

Overall, it’s a reasonably priced spot with something for everyone and well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Although a tinge bland, it’s a relaxing go-to spot when you want to try something new out in factory town. Try taking your boss there and suggest the 200 RMB shot. It has to be delicious.

Shop No.1, Hanbang 66 Square, Xinglong Rd., Houjie

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