July Café

0617_something different

Around the corner from most of you is a small cafe made of glass, quietly hiding away.

Inside, the industrial-style decoration melds with cozy, coffee bean aromas to give a plush feeling of home. More than a coffee shop, it’s now trying to embody a library, as well. Until July 31, bring three different books to donate and get a free cup of pour over coffee or cappuccino. Any kind of book is welcome, but make sure that the texts are authentic books in decent condition.

Photographers will especially appreciate the hidden camera and photo details around the space. Look hard enough and you’ll find them. Besides coffee products, some snacks and other types of soft drinks and beer are on offer. Time to recycle those old Harry Potters for a hot cup o’ Joe.

Address: : Shop124 & 125, Building 1, No. 228 Jin Yu Hua Ting, Dongcheng Rd., Dongcheng
东城区东城路228号金域华庭1栋商铺124 & 125 (近丽峰路)
Alley 16, Yongchun Village, Baima Community, Nancheng