A unique drink: B Quarter (Nancheng)

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An old factory in Nancheng has been converted into a new lifestyle mall, complete with coffee and flower shops, clothing stores from up-and-coming local labels and all surrounded by great apartments, offices and a basketball court; a definite, must-check-it-out, especially if you want to see the most interesting and versatile bar in Dongguan. B Quarter is no ordinary hangout, no sir.

It was ladies night when my friend and I arrived there (free drinks from 21:00 to 23:00) and we were greeted in style. I am always a fan of any place that makes a good barbeque, so when I got chicken and sausages with my beer, I was happy. My date was given a sweet little cocktail and we sat on the outside deck with the boss man Billy and had a good time chatting away about the history of the venue, the brand and the future of DG.

The menu is the first thing I always look for at a new place to see if it’s straight forward in terms of look and feel and if it wastes no time in showing you that they sport a variety of cocktails, either with or without alcohol. This is a good thing, seeing as it will cater to anybody’s whim. I recommend the BQ Advance and Woo Woo for anyone who wants some zing in their step.

Inside the bar, people can enjoy music videos projected on to the wall and play foosball, if they are so inclined, or simply relax and enjoy the chilled atmosphere. We went in with Billy and chatted about his bar and events he likes to do. With a big smile, he recalled some of the parties they had held in recent months; barbeques, birthdays and techno parties. They would cordon off the whole deck around the bar and light the space with neon lights, effectively changing it into a veritable club of note, complete with DJ’s and a chillout area. And yes, the grill is ever present at these events, too.

“People need to eat when they want it.”

As we left, I asked my lady friend one simple question: whether or not she would come for their ladies nights in the future. Without skipping a beat and a big smile she said, “Definitely!”

The proof is indeed in the pudding.

Shop 2-111, Vanke 769 Creative Park, No. 35 Xiangyuan Rd, Nancheng
南城区香园路35号万科769文化创意园2-111店 (靠近城市风景街)

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