Taste Test Dongguan


When talking about Dongguan, people seldom connect it with food, let alone call it a food city. However, a group of young people spent a year searching every little corner in and around greasy local markets and hidden alleys behind the towering shopping malls to collect the most original tastes of the city. Souluo—a top official WeChat food account—released their book Taste of Dongguan with a grand ceremony at Guancheng Library on April 23.

In a society crammed with fast instant information, the group wants to slow down and return to the tastes from their childhood. The text features hundreds of rustic food joints and restaurants that have grown through generations. “If we don’t do it, we can only watch all the tastes we have known since we were little disappear,” the authors write in the preface. “During the 10-day printing time, three restaurants closed,” said Chief Editor Fang Liming. “We also want to open a small window for the Xin Guan Ren (a term for Dongguan migrants) to blend in with the locals, to discover the beautiful part of the city,” she added.

Covering restaurants, vendors and no-named businesses across Dongguan, the book also serves as a food guide, with a directory according to districts and towns, as well as QR codes for GPS directions. Pick up a copy in their WeChat store or at The Cloud Bookstore in 769 Creative Park.

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