Irene’s Bar: Moving up the Block

Nobody ever visits Houjie without making a pit stop at Irene’s bar. For over six years, one of Houjie’s hotspots was located behind the Hyatt hotel on the upper west

Healthy, No Matter the Season

Naturally, when you come to a place like China, you’re bombarded with all kinds of mysterious remedies. But do they really work? Give skepticism the brush and drink an herbal

“The Subway to Spring” City Flash Mob

In April, a 5-min video went viral online, showing flash mobs happening inside the metro Line 2 and at Hongfu Road station. Departing from Humen Railway Station, the train was

Making the Map Better

Drivers in Dongguan will get more accurate map and transportation information from now on. On April 17, a cooperation agreement was signed between AutoNavi Maps (also known as Gaode Maps)

Introducing Xiaba Fang: The Place We Called Batou

Scroll down to see Xiaba Fang (Batou) map and directory It’s around 9 pm on a Saturday and you’ve been trudging through an eternal week in anticipation of a party

Making Dongguan Wet Again

Dongguan’s biggest water park, the Palm Valley Water Park (or Zonglügu Shuicheng, next to Tangla Dongguan Hotel), will re-open and officially start the summer on May 26. Since the major

New Culture & Art Venue

After nearly two decades, the Dongguan Worker’s Cultural Palace was rebuilt and opened at the end of April, adding another public cultural venue for the city. Located next to the

The Food Behind the Dragon

Everyone knows the racing dragons that invade local waterways each June. Some may have even tried zongzi, the holiday treat. but almost assuredly, almost no one knows how to make