On The Journey


Not far away, in the up-and-coming 33 Town is an interesting place to read a book and stay the night. By the end of this year, the latest creative park in Dongguan will feature office space, an incubator for startup companies and more.

The look and feel of the environment is rather early twentieth century England or US with a fairly strong industrial design. As the style is unique in China, the architecture feels refreshing in its departure from the copy/paste construction that makes up much of Dongguan. Inside the Journey Hotel, waits a small café brewing the typical fare that’s set in a brick, steel and glass building. The building’s foyer features a huge, multi-storied library that hosts hundreds of what looked to be Chinese books. If you can only read pinyin, you better get studying. For the creative types, the environment will feel as unique as it is exciting. For everyone else, it brings on a calm, therapeutic and professional mood. A total of 88 rooms range from 388–608 RMB.

Address: Building #33, 33 Town Creative Park, No.33, Dongsheng Rd, Dongcheng (opposite of Dynacity)