From Uber to iBer


Launching at the end of last December, iBER car rental utilizes a similar concept as Mobike: renting and returning a car with an app. Along with energy efficient cars, iBER successfully gained government support. Dongguan is the first city to have shared cars in the Pearl River Delta.

The first batch of 60 electric cars are scattered across 113 stops around Dongcheng, Nancheng and Songshan Lake. The next 140 cars are planned to be placed in March, followed by another 2,000 in core areas of the city and 20,000 around PRD. As one of the pioneer cities of the new energy vehicle promotion, Dongguan meant to considerably extend the popularity of new energy efficient vehicles and to also provide a chance to complete the necessary charging facilities.

The rental cars have reportedly been in high demand, due to incredible convenience, low rates and scarce cars available on the road. With an 800 RMB deposit, ID card and driver’s license, you can use it for as low as 14 RMB per hour during the day and 7 RMB at night, or 99 RMB for 24 hours. According to the company, each car is rented 4.5 to 5.5 times each day. “Sometimes, I saw an available one a few kilometers away, I reserved it for 20 minutes, but when I got there, I was late and it was gone,” said Jack Liang, who lives in Songshan Lake.

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