Cocktails In A Box

barA few years ago, I lived with a pair of childhood friends in a raucous bachelor pad where we always kept one tradition. While cringing in hangover each Sunday, we pulled ourselves from bed and dragged to a local brunch hall with the best Bloody Mary’s in town.

For most of the bars in DG, cocktails seem to be an afterthought. Making the best long drinks requires knowledge and skill—a set not usually found in communities that think beers like Tiger and Asahi are quality.

After following a random tip of high quality grownup drinks (read: not beer), I was led to Cosmos in Nancheng’s Color Box.

On its own, the environment is something worth checking out. Using old, colored shipping containers, a whole complex houses a few bars and mostly fast food restaurants.

Though the actual bar and corresponding installations were well done, the roughly 10-15 tables seemed to come from a cafe. Well designed and fully bilingual menus were brought and our exploration thus began.

After flipping through a few pages of food options—we tried the Honey Mustard (19 RMB) and Cheese with Bacon (26 RMB) fries—that include hotdogs, salads, pastas and other snacks, we finally made it to the nearly two pages of cocktails (all 48 RMB).

All the usuals were there, plus a few new faces like Cotton Candy (rum, Tia Maria liqueur, Baily’s, cream and cocoa powder) and Heart of the Sea (vodka, blue cura?ao syrup, elder flower, lemon and soda water).

Ignoring all the others, I leapt for the red-stained mother of God. Holy Joseph, it was delicious. This wasn’t a watery, extremely-spicy drink, but deliciously thick, sour and satisfying. If they served brunch, I’d be here every weekend.

Other highlights originate from the barkeep’s care of his customers and English ability. If we had questions, problems or just wanted to chat, he rose to the challenge and got us what we wanted.

We were excited to try a few different dishes from the menu, but were out of stock on the day we went, which was disappointing. Still, this is a bar review and we went to drink, so who really cares? Standard beers (20-32 RMB) are also available, but if that’s all what you want, better just stay where you are.

Address: 2/F, Color Box, Nancheng (Behind Hongfu Road Wal-Mart)

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