Biggest Banquet Strikes DG

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In Machong’s Dabu Community, a grand ceremony has been resumed and celebrated for the second time since its restart in 2010. On February 15, celebrating the birthday of Buddhist Goddess, Guanyin, tens of thousands of people attended the Dabu Parade with performances in Cantonese opera, Tai Chi, waist drum and fan dances. The event ended proudly with a ten thousand-person banquet.

As early as February 12, Guanyin had been bathed and handed over to Peng Village, the host of this year’s parade. Every seven years, one of the seven villages in the community will host the event on the 19th day of the first month in the Chinese calendar. From February 12 to 14, villagers came to the Guanyin Temple to pray for a lucky new year. On February 15, the parade marched 3.3 km throughout seven villages and stopped at 18 temples. Two dancing dragons, 38 lions and six floats in different themes were added to the traditional procession, attracting visitors from all over Dongguan.

The ten thousand-person banquet took place at Dabu Cultural Sports Park, and covered 2,100 tables with over 20,000 eaters. “Before, it was only 1,000 tables. This year, it’s over 2,000 tables. It shows that Machong is becoming better and better. So many people come today. I am so proud, so honored,” said Dabu villager Ms. Feng.

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