Hanging Chinese Bacon

Now in the height of winter, count yourself lucky if your friends or family have planned ahead and stowed away a healthy supply of dried bacon. If they haven’t, start

Chinese Myths and Other Stories

When people ask all kinds of bizarre questions about China, just how weird can they get? Chinese individuals of the less worldly type are often guilty of asking foreigners some

The Great Chinese Tea Theft

Imagine Indiana Jones, but if Indy had been a gardener, rather than an eminent archaeologist. Meet Robert Fortune, the man the British East India Company hired to steal tea from

Hotel Deal February 2017

FEBRUARY 1–28 HYATT REGENCY DONGGUAN TEPPANROOM Alaskan Crab Promotion Chef Hong is now presenting an amazing teppanyaki crab experience. HYATT REGENCY DONGGUAN LOBBY LOUNGE CNY Afternoon Tea A combination of