Songshan Lake: The VR Base

As Dongguan’s VR enterprises speedily sprouted in 2016, the first VR Industry Alliance was founded in Songshan Lake on December 7, with 33 company members. On the same day, a

New Chances for SMEs in DG

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) claim most of the businesses in the country. Since deregulation in 2015, a number of companies have been added to the “New Third Board,” the

China Splash February 2017

Long-Lost Toddler Found Parents in DG Relying on DNA technology and a national database, a 15-year-old boy successfully found his parents after 12 years of lost contact. In 2005, the

A Canton Weekender

With Chinese New Year already passed, hopefully you can relax a bit with a trip close to home. this time, forget the airports, visas and passports. This next trip is

When Reading Isn’t Believing

Famed US President Abraham Lincoln once said that you shouldn’t always believe everything you read on the Internet—and he was right. Of course, the Internet wasn’t around during his time,

The New Gossip Girl in Town

Lulu Luxe is a self-described ‘social animal,’ who shares her take on life in Dongguan. She asked us to make clear that her opinions are not those of the editors

Take Responsibility for Learning

Too often parents assume that simply enrolling their children in activities will automatically brew success. In order to master skills like English, a huge time investment is required. That starts

Chic Drinks & Photos: Victor Bar

A line of flower baskets decorating the newly opened Victor is just the first detail that’s building a sense of prestige and I was here for the spoils. A waitress

Filmmakers Rewarded

After four months of preparation, talented student filmmakers were rewarded in Guangzhou at the South China Student Film Festival. Sponsored by the American Consulate of Guangzhou, the SCS Film Festival

Santa Claus Bar Crawl

PartyHERE and SoWhat’s Santa Bar Crawl brought together nearly 60 party monsters dressed up as Santa or Mrs. Claus as they hopped from Pals to Liberty, Shooters, Hollywood Baby Too