The Lucky Flower Market


In Guangdong, a quite essential tradition before Chinese New Year is taking a walk in the Spring Festival Flower Market to choose some luck-inspired flowers and mandarin orange bushes. Placing potted or branches of flowers dubbed “auspicious as desired,” “be promoted step by step” or “a river of gold flow into your pocket” into a living room is considered to bring good luck in the coming year. Even just strolling along the hawkers is supposed to be very lucky.

Since 2004, a flower market with hundreds of stalls has been organized by the government in Nancheng. This year, it will run from January 22 until 27 (CNY Eve) behind the Dongguan TV Broadcasting Tower. Roughly 350 vendors will be selling mandarin oranges and all kinds of flowers, including chrysanthemums and peach flowers, which are believed to bring good luck in love affairs, festive decoration and creative ornaments. A new flower market has also been added in the Shangqiao community, in Dongcheng, as well. Over 500 stalls, including food street and performances, will be open from January 18 to 27.

If you plan to go experience the holiday atmosphere, try to avoid going on the last two days because there are usually big sales that attract tens of thousands of people who want to seize their last chance at luck for the cheapest prices.

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