Hidden in BlancC


Hidden up on the second floor of Lingnan Cultural & Creative Center is BlancC. With a quaint French styling and menu, this could be a nice place to sip a cup of tea and enjoy a traditional dessert in Guancheng. Sheltered in a cooled glass case are roughly ten classic sweet options like creamy mousse, a variety of petits fours, opera cake and more, that seem to change day-to-day.

The head chef of the shoppe proudly displays a certificate from Cordon Bleu, one of the oldest and largest hospitality institutions in the world. Thanks to this prestigious education, the whole experience feels authentic, down to tiniest details. The quality of the desserts is good, if a little typical, especially for those coming from Europe, but a nice treat to have for those homesick days in China. Prices range from 30-60 RMB, depending on the dessert, which might be a bit pricy, but worth it for the pleasant experience.

Address: D06, 3/F, Lingnan Cultural & Creative Center, Keyuan North Rd, Guancheng (go up the spiral staircase beside Someone Cafe)
莞城区可园北路岭南文创中心3楼D06号(Someone Cafe店外旋转楼梯上三楼)