DG Filmmakers’ Feast


Back in 2013, the film making industry in Dongguan began to take off and only a handful of movie studios were struggling to survive between commercial and artistic creations. After three years’ development, the booming local market is able to nurture hundreds of large and small movie production companies.

On December 23, the First Dongguan Filmmakers’ Gala was held at Loft 8 Creative Park, attracting government leaders, professors, filmmaking teams, individuals and hobbyists. Organized by the Guancheng Movie Association, the gala featured a few rounds of forums and salons, tactics sharing, a film premiere, performances and most importantly, to announce the second leadership team of the association.

Founded in the beginning of 2014 by CEG Developer and major local movie studios, the association aims to create communications among all production members, including movie, music, MC, event planning and new media. “Just like the rapid growth of China’s economy, the growth of Dongguan’s film industry is tremendous,” said Yvonne Yang, the Vice President of the Association. “With or without the establishment of the Association, Dongguan’s movie industry will greatly develop, for sure.”

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