Behind Humen’s fashion scene

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On November 18, the 21st Humen International Fashion Fair & 2016 Humen Fashion Week kicked off at Humen’s brand new exhibition center. Looking back at Humen’s garment industry, the title of China’s garment capital wasn’t earned in one night, it’s thanks to the last 30 years’ hard work.

As early as the 1980s, fishermen—relying on an advantageous location—brought back clothes from Hong Kong and sold them at street stalls. At that time, most Chinese dressed in black, grey and blue colors, and the street market selling imported colorful clothes setup a prototype of the Humen garment industry that quickly became more and more popular. In 1993, Humen business leaders seized a hot opportunity and built the first trading center: Fumin Fashion City. The turnover of the center reached 1 billion yuan within its first year. After that, the industry grew bigger and bigger. By the 2000s, 70 percent of Humen’s population was involved in the garment business and over 1,300 garment factories, 18 wholesale and retail centers and more than 8,600 shops had sprouted up throughout the town. For 21 years, the annual fashion fair and fashion week has drawn some rather notable designers and domestic brands such as: Yishion, Carmen, Jaoboo and Zimple, all of which started as small shops in Humen.

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