New Z-Visa Rules in DG

A new application system for foreigners working in China has been announced and certain cities throughout China have been included in the pilot scheme, enacting the new rules on October

Dongguan Astronaut in Space

In the early hours of October 17, the mother Huang Yan, her son Li Bo and his family were staring nervously at their TV while watching the launch of the

TOH Moving Forward

After serving the Dongguan community for seven years, local charity organization Treasures of Hope (TOH) has made a step forward and joined the Shenzhen Charity Federation (SCF). The agreement between

Dongguan’s Richest

Who is the richest person in Dongguan this year? In October, the answer was announced by one of the most prestigious rich list surveyors in China: the Hurun Report. Dongguan

Online Fraud Solution

Telecommunications fraud is happening more and more often now, especially when you have online banking solutions like Alipay and WeChat Wallet. Anyone can now be a target. A criminal gang

Premier in Dongguan

On October 13, after three days in Macau, Premier Li Keqiang swiftly visited two companies in Shenzhen and Dongguan in two hours. In Dongguan, the Premier went to OPPO in

InkTober Challenge

To many people, October signifies beer and costume parties. But for painters and cartoonists, it’s an intensive month where you dedicate yourself to a grand challenge of creating a drawing

Dongguan Hakka in Jamaica

Traditionally, Dongguan has remained as one of the most popular hometowns for emigrating Chinese citizens. It’s interesting that Jamaica, a country with just 2.8 million people, has a population of

What’s really Ruining Society?

It seems immensely frustrating for older generations that young people sit together, but all play on their phones. Are We growing more individualistic or has it always been the same?