While living in Dongguan (which for me has been just about three weeks), people often say that all the best fun happens at the expat hotspots around Dongcheng. I wanted to prove that this isn’t true by introducing a different place outside the normal circuit. SINGLE Bar is a place that welcomes you at the front door with a stunning, white piano, which in China typically means either nobody uses it or it plays by itself. Here, if you see a musical instrument, someone is going to use it. By the way, don’t let the name freak you out. Most of the time it’s crowded with cozy couples and fun-loving birthday bashes.

An English menu and some English-speaking staff makes this place perfectly laowai-friendly, because that’s really what you’re looking for, isn’t it? Even if you only came for drinks, the positively fragrant food may tempt a quick peek at the menu. It looks a bit like German cuisine with a variety of sausages and mashed potato combos for around 65 RMB, but there are plenty of general Western dishes, too. There are also combos for kids that even include yoghurt. Come here on Sundays for a family meal to catch up with friends and loved ones.


They have a truly extensive drink menu with plenty of custom cocktails (38-45 RMB) and also all the standard liquor options to put you in the right mood. I tried the Mexico Journey (38 RMB), which is a delightful, girly drink that’ll satisfy any sweet tooth. My friend tried the classic Long Island Iced Tea (38 RMB), which he said was quite nice.

If you’re looking for a little snack while knocking a couple back, there is a decent list of affordable snacks. We tried some sweet, little fruity thing for 38 RMB and had no regrets.

As for ambience, the ceiling is covered with a mesmerizing LED light display that gives a slight feeling of a starry sky. Plus, with all the artificial birds all over the hall, it feels a bit like Hogwarts, just without the owls.

There’s an in-house band that performs regularly to keep the crowds entertained, which plays anything from Rihanna to Tom Jones, with a bit of their own style. When the band isn’t playing, sports events are shown on a big screen.

This place still isn’t very popular among foreigners, but for those living in Nancheng, it probably should be.

Address:1/F, Shangshu Yinzuo Office Tower, Shizhu Rd, Nancheng (next to Dongguan Library)

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